What is Maternity Ultrasound?

Ultrasound can be used to scan pregnancies for a wide variety of diagnostic reasons from 3 weeks after conception until the baby is born. Usually, from 12 weeks on, we can also capture a 3D image or a 4D video clip for you if you wish (extra charge may occur).

Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves beyond the range of human hearing to produce images of your pelvic organs and baby. Sound waves are produced and transmitted into the body by a hand-held transducer (camera). A water based gel is applied to your abdomen and the transducer is moved around into different positions to gain the best pictures. Most of the sound waves are reflected by the tissues back to the transducer where the ultrasound machine converts them into diagnostic images of remarkable clarity.

What is a Nuchal Translucency Scan (NT Scan)?

Occurs  11 to 13 weeks + 6 days (11 – 13 + 6 weeks)

  • confirm an on going live pregnancy
  • determine the number of fetuses

Approximately 2% of natural conceptions and 10% of assisted conceptions result in multiple pregnancy. Early ultrasound scanning allows us to determine whether the babies share the same placenta. A single placenta increases the risk of complications to the pregnancy and may require closer monitoring.

  • assess early anatomical development
  • confirm dates
  • measure the nuchal translucency

This measurement in conjunction with your blood test provides the information required for the first trimester combined screening risk assessment for Down Syndrome as recommended by the Ministry of Health, February 2010.