What is Molemate?

MoleMate is a non-invasive, rapid and painless mole-screening technology which enables physicians to quickly scan a patient’s moles, so they will be able to tell quickly and accurately whether treatment is required, or reassure a patient that the mole is benign.

Should I have a Mole mate scan?

If you are at high-risk, it is recommended that you have a MolemateSkin Check.  The Molemate is a proactive way to help manage your melanoma risk by tracking the slightest change in your skin and moles. Generally, you should have a Molemate scan if you:

  • You have a personal or family history of melanoma
  • Have a high number of moles
  • Want a pro-active way to help manage your melanoma risk
  • Want a baseline of your skin and moles created for future comparison

Benefits of Molemate:

 MoleMate™ has been clinically proven to increase the number of true positive referrals whilst potentially reducing practice costs and patient distress.

  • MoleMate™ is quick and simple to use.
  • MoleMate™ requires little training.
  • MoleMate™ incorporates patient details and notes with SIAscans into Adobe™ PDF reports.
  • MoleMate™ allows the clinician to scan and evaluate lesions within seconds.
  • MoleMate™ increases the number of true positive excisions/referrals to secondary care.
  • MoleMate™ rapidly assists in the identification of suspicious lesions.

MoleMate™ utilises the clinically proven Hunter Scoring System, developed in conjunction with GP practices and Cambridge University Teaching Hospital

For further information please read What is MoleMate and Molemate or call us today to book an appointment with a doctor.  Prices for Molemate scans start at $250.