Parklands Medical Centre is taking on new patients. Below are the forms for new patients to download and print out and complete.

Once completed please bring the form to the practice administrators.

  1. Patient Enrolment Form
  2. Transfer of Notes Form

Credit Policy

  • The Parklands Medical Centre payments policy is payment on the day of consultation, we do not have a revolving credit facility. Payments can be made by cash, eftpos and all major credit cards.
  • If a patient has financial hardship, they will need to contact the accounts department to make a payment arrangement.
  • If the service is not paid for at the time of consultation an invoice will be given to or sent out to the patient for payment.
  • 14 days after the invoice has been sent out a statement will be sent out to the patient to inform them of the outstanding account. A $5 statement fee is added to the account at this time.